Here at BBBS Auckland one of our matches is proving strong, well into their 4th year. This match is Roman, ‘little’, and Guy, ‘big’.

Ten year old Roman is a social, funny young boy with an immense amount of energy. He had been diagnosed with ADHD early on and although this comes with its behavioral challenges, it has also contributed to a sprightly young boy full of hopes and dreams. Like most young boys, Roman loves to watch movies, his favourite ones are Despicable Me 3, Jumanji, and Jurassic World. He also likes watching Youtube, playing with Lego, playing soccer, playing Roblox, and he likes helping his mum pick up the feijoas in the garden. 

When Roman was six, his mother reached out to BBBS to see if he could be matched with someone reliable and consistent to mentor him. She wanted someone to show Roman that there were other forms of masculinity out there that were not macho or violent. Roman needed a positive male role-model in his life to guide him, and teach him about empathy, communication, and respect, which would help shape his understanding of healthy masculinity.

Fortunately, because male mentors are harder to recruit and align with rangatahi, then recently added to the mentor waitlist was mentor Guy. Media professional Guy grew up in Puhoi and moved to Auckland as a teenager. Guy told us he wanted to become involved in BBBS because his dad wasn’t around when he was a kid, and he wanted to be able to support a young person going through something similar. He knew he could be the calm in the storm. Guy and Roman were then matched, and have since formed a friendship that has stood the test of time. 

During their mentor meets Roman and Guy have loved exploring neighbourhood cafes and indulging in sweet treats. Guy has learned Roman’s favourite foods are McDonalds, chicken nuggets and potatoes. His best subject in school is maths, and his favourite animal is a snake. Guy has been great at channeling Roman’s energy into match activities, being a listening ear, and being a calm stable caring adult for him. Guy has enabled many of Roman’s dreams such as going to the Sky Tower and continues to inspire Roman with new activities. 

We’ve seen a big change in Roman since they’ve been matched – he has really settled down, and his teacher has noticed an improved change in his focus too. This is one of many successful matches we are inspired by, that has created meaningful change and a new outlook in a child’s life. Thank you for inspiring us Roman and Guy with your friendship and your commitment to BBBS Auckland.