In a world full of endless possibilities, the seeds of greatness lie within every child’s heart and mind. Yet, to blossom they need nourishment, guidance, and support. That’s where the magic of mentorship comes into play. As businesses embrace the profound impact of mentorship in shaping young lives, they are becoming the architects of brighter futures, fostering a generation of empowered and inspired individuals. From the boardroom to the classroom, this is the tale of businesses coming together to light up the path towards a better tomorrow for the leaders of the future – our children.

We spoke with Aaron Dempsey from Grammar Electrical, a family business serving the Auckland region for over 70 years, who have embarked on a journey to support the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). Investing in a brighter future for both the community and their own industry. For Grammar Electrical, the commitment to nurturing young talent and contributing positively to society was deeply ingrained in their values.

Inspiring Young Minds through Mentorship; Grammar Electrical recognized that inspiring young individuals to explore careers in the electrical services trade was vital for the sustained excellence of their services. This dedication to the future workforce led them to collaborate with organisations like BBBS, where the well-being and successful futures of young people take centre stage.

In alignment with their values, Grammar Electrical found that BBBS was providing hope and transformation for countless young people through invaluable supported mentoring relationships. This collaboration not only resonated with their vision for the community but also offered their electricians the opportunity to grow as mentors and role models. By participating in the BBBS program, Grammar Electrical’s team became catalysts for life-changing relationships with the young participants.

The partnership between Grammar Electrical and BBBS found its foundation in shared values. Grammar Electrical’s commitment to delivering quality services and fostering a strong team culture aligned seamlessly with BBBS’s mission to empower young minds through mentorship. Through their own work nurturing young talent interested in the electrical trades, Grammar Electrical was not only fulfilling their industry’s needs but also contributing to the broader community.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the partnership was the tangible impact it had on both BBBS and its young people. In April 2023, Grammar Electrical initiated a campaign in which they pledged to donate $20 from every service call made by their electricians to BBBS. Through this promotion and the community’s enthusiastic response, nearly $5000.00 was raised and donated to BBBS. This contribution assisted BBBS in expanding its reach, delivering essential services, and training new mentors to support the youth.

A Message to Fellow Businesses

To businesses considering involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Grammar Electrical has a clear message: “If you want to take your company beyond simply being a profit-driven enterprise to one that is a force for good in your community, we strongly encourage you to support the work of BBBS in New Zealand. The proven success and support network of BBBS in New Zealand make them an ideal partner for companies seeking to make a difference. Knowing that your support will shape the lives of young individuals is an immeasurable reward in itself.”

Nurturing futures through mentorship isn’t just about inspiring children; it’s about creating a legacy of empowered leaders, compassionate communities, and a brighter tomorrow. As Grammar Electrical and BBBS have shown, the magic of mentorship not only transforms lives but also builds a stronger and more harmonious community.

If your business wants to become involved, we have made it easy through our Matchmakers program – where businesses sponsor the cost of a ‘match’ for 12 months. The cost is $2,400 and it pays for a child’s intake, match pairing, training, whanau support, and supervision. We appreciate and support our Matchmakers through acknowledgment, promotion, activation events, and much more. Don’t hesitate to reach out us and join the Big Brothers Big Sisters Auckland whanau today.